Artists – All in the Family


I don’t paint things.  I only paint the difference between things.”   ~Henri Matisse 

I often think about the things that people find to be fulfilling and why people pursue the career paths that they do. Don’t you?  I suppose I find this subject of interest, because my husband and I are still scratching our heads trying to figure out how we became parents to a filmmaker/visual effects artist son. The influences are not very apparent, that is for sure. 

In attempting to gain some insight into the dynamics of my own family, I recently had an insightful and interesting on-line conversation about this very subject with Gladys Roldan-de-Moras, a very exceptional painter. Gladys and her husband are parents to Rafael , a 23 year old emerging tenor, and semi-finalist with 2010 Metropolitan Opera. He soon will be making his debut performance with the Houston Symphony. Artist (painter) Gladys explained to me that her husband, an engineering professor has always also been a musician, poet, choir director in a church and writes musicals. All three of their children were exposed to mostly classical music, at a very young age, in fact, while still in the womb. As young adults, all are involved in some way in the Arts – as tenor, music educator and sculpture artist. Perhaps this family could be a prime example of the  Mozart effect, which has been said to enhance children’s intellectual development. What do you think?

To see Rafael in the HBO production of Master class with Placido Domingo, please visit and to read Rafael’s essay “My Masterclass with Maestro Placido Domingo”, please visit

As I continue to further explore in my own mind, on this snowy day in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, how our son came to his fulfilling life of creating films, I am going to stare at some magnificent art! I will let you know when I have my answers, which could be strictly sharing my intuition rather than facts.

This painting is by Gladys Roldan-de-Moras. “Song from a Secret Garden” . For more information on the painting go to the artist’s website

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10 thoughts on “Artists – All in the Family

  1. What a beautiful picture and talented artist Gladys is! Sounds like her other family members are equally inspiring! I feel that exposing children very early to the arts, whether it be music, art, theatre, film, design, gives them an innate understanding of the beauty and creative fulfillment the arts can bring to life. The child grows up wanting to incorporate it into their own lives.

  2. Dear Sue, Thank you so much for including our family in your blog. I am truly touched and honored. I have been blessed to have a husband who not only appreciates Music, but highly encouraged it and exposed all of our children to not only Music but also art. Never pushing, only exposing them and encouraging them.
    I am so proud of our children: Annie, David and Rafael. The three of them are very musical and artistic. I believe that each one of them could of easily decided to pursue a career as a musician or an artist.
    As I am a painter, it is so wonderful to watch our middle son David develop and grow into a Fine Artist. Seeing him work so hard gives me great joy and pride. He too will follow the life long journey of learning to make “art.’ I know my husband enjoy watching Rafael and Annie into fine Musicians.
    I can assure you that when we don’t think that children are watching/hearing/learning, they truly are!!!! They are little sponges absorbing everything right from the womb. How precious is this!
    Once again, thank you!
    Gladys 🙂

  3. Gladys – You have every right to be so proud of all three! It is so much fun to parent when kids are like sponges. They are open to the world and so excited about life and the whole world around them.I hope you all can be in attendance as Rafael makes his debut in Houston.

    P.S. Keep sharing those gorgeous paintings on FB!

  4. Dear Sue
    Thank you for writing such nice things about my family. I love your writing style!
    My three children are talented in fine arts and music. I am the only family member whose talents are not up to par in the painting/sculpting arena. I am very happy they didn´t inherit my very evident and abundant lack of talent!
    Best grateful regards

  5. Dear Rafael,
    You are being modest – from all accounts you are not lacking in talent, by anymeans. I am pleased that you and Gladys felt I did justice to your family in my blogwriting.

    Please pass the word that I am a blogwriter and my company specializes in e-commerce and e-marketing (internet marketing). Another art related blogsite that I designed and write for that you may be interested in is

    I will be posting a new blog to that site a little later today or tomorrow morning. Please check it out, and I am especially proud of my efforts on that site because the artist that is featured on that blogsite is deceased and I only have her book of photographic images with short (one or two lines of journal writing) next to each image that I take and compose the blog writing from. Challenging but very rewarding when I come up with a result I am happy with.

    I appreciate so much your feedback, and all the best to your family of talented artists.

  6. was sitting on twitter trying to find something to cure my boredom – and BOOM – somebody I follow tweeted this post. Now, I am not quite as bored. Thanks for posting nice material

  7. I can not thank you fully for the blogposts on your site. I know you’d put a lot of time and energy into these and hope you know how considerably I enjoy it. I hope I can do the same person someday.

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