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 Psst……I am going to let you in on a secret, I have very limited understanding of what my son does in his career. The other night, I talked to him after almost two months of silence (except for an e-mail of one or two sentences) because he has been so busy. That’s a good thing – I’m not complaining. It means he is finding fulfilling things in what he is doing and that makes me happy. 

For many adults in my generation, being “in communicado”  may seem a little odd. According to an article I just read, my generation is filled with hovering parents of adult children who find it difficult to let go and let their kids live their own lives.  Don’t think I can be accused of that since we don’t speak once a day, once a week and occassionally not even once a month. I am not an errant parent, just letting my adult child spread his wings and grow in his career and life. It does not mean that we don’t have a close relationship. As they say, “Children hold their mothers hands for a short time, and their hearts forever.”  Or is it ” Mothers hold their childrens hands for a short time and their hearts forever?”

 I do have fulfilling feelings as a parent, however,when my husband and I are the first people our son calls when he is excited about something, has concerns, some information to share or he just wants to talk.

Curious what our conversation was about the other night? It is full of promise. With my son’s permission, I am going to share it. Here is a link that will let you in on our secret. For his sake,  I hope this film project comes to fruition.

What is the part he plays in this production? He is a visual effects artist, specifically a colorist. Not sure what that is? Neither was I, I had to look into it .

Now, I have a better idea of what to talk about next time he calls. I already knew he is involved with bright people, inspiring landscapes and scenery, vivid imaginations and a range of creative ideas. The life of an artist and  elements for good filmmaking.

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A Letter to an Independent Filmmaker


The things you want are always possible…the only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life is you.” ~ Les Brown

 On February 25 in 1988 Bruce Springsteen’s “Tunnel of Love” tour began. It also marked the day when the start of love relationship with a child, whose arrival can only be described as JOY.  Our son entered into this world 23 years ago today and my husband and I began fulfilling our dreams of raising a precious, much-wanted child. For all who knew us then, it was a time of great celebration. For those who know us now, the gratitude and love we still feel for this gift of life is still very apparent. 

Dear Independent Filmmaker,

Can you help your parents out by setting the record straight for us? Your ability to communicate so well was evident at such an early age. But, what was it that made you decide to become a filmmaker? Was it the huge library of children’s books that we amassed and that I read to you over and over again that gave you a love for storytelling? Was it the hours you spent on your Dad’s lap watching Disney, We Sing and other children’s movies together that made you want pursue a life of entertaining others through cinematography? Was your interest in sound, lighting, cameras and lenses what made you want to create visual effects? Perhaps it was the outstanding mentor who shared everything he knew about the TV/filmmaking industry with you. What was it? We really want to know!

 Your journey as an adult, friend, storyteller, visual effects artist and filmmaker has only just begun. Continue to use the most valuable gift that you were given – good common sense. You’ve always had a great moral compass of right and wrong – use it to stay on the right path.  Staying true to your values is what has gotten you this far already. Use your energy to make this world a better place and always remember your family and where you came from. Your highly inquisitive mind, your caring nature and love of people will carry you far. You continue to amaze us with your spirit, your talents and the gifts that that you bring to this world. We can not wait to see where life and your career takes you. 

Have a safe, fun birthday. We love you! Mom and Dad

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Artists – All in the Family


I don’t paint things.  I only paint the difference between things.”   ~Henri Matisse 

I often think about the things that people find to be fulfilling and why people pursue the career paths that they do. Don’t you?  I suppose I find this subject of interest, because my husband and I are still scratching our heads trying to figure out how we became parents to a filmmaker/visual effects artist son. The influences are not very apparent, that is for sure. 

In attempting to gain some insight into the dynamics of my own family, I recently had an insightful and interesting on-line conversation about this very subject with Gladys Roldan-de-Moras, a very exceptional painter. Gladys and her husband are parents to Rafael , a 23 year old emerging tenor, and semi-finalist with 2010 Metropolitan Opera. He soon will be making his debut performance with the Houston Symphony. Artist (painter) Gladys explained to me that her husband, an engineering professor has always also been a musician, poet, choir director in a church and writes musicals. All three of their children were exposed to mostly classical music, at a very young age, in fact, while still in the womb. As young adults, all are involved in some way in the Arts – as tenor, music educator and sculpture artist. Perhaps this family could be a prime example of the  Mozart effect, which has been said to enhance children’s intellectual development. What do you think?

To see Rafael in the HBO production of Master class with Placido Domingo, please visit and to read Rafael’s essay “My Masterclass with Maestro Placido Domingo”, please visit

As I continue to further explore in my own mind, on this snowy day in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, how our son came to his fulfilling life of creating films, I am going to stare at some magnificent art! I will let you know when I have my answers, which could be strictly sharing my intuition rather than facts.

This painting is by Gladys Roldan-de-Moras. “Song from a Secret Garden” . For more information on the painting go to the artist’s website

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