Yankee Writers Gathering!

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“If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”~  Thomas Edison

 New Englanders are hearty souls! I can attest to that after having lived in the State of Vermont for 35 years!  On March 25th and March 26th there will be a gathering of New England Writers focused on how to “Survive and Thrive” as independent publishers. The New England Publishing Conference will be held at Chapel Hill-Chauncey Hall School in Waltham, Massachusetts. 

Veteran publishers, industry experts and vendors to the independent publishing industry will be on hand fulfilling the need for knowledge for those who are starting out in book publishing. Book promotion and selling through e-marketing and other channels such as libraries, book fairs, bookstores and to non-profit organizations will be topics of discussion, too. 

Cevin Bryerman from Publishers Weekly Magazine www.publishersweekly.com will address the crowd. Don’t miss out on that! Cevin always has a lot of interesting things to share about the industry. There will be workshops focusing on e-books, blog writing, e-marketing, and other information on the business of publishing both domestically and globally. Another important speaker, Tim Brookes from Champlain College www.champlain.edu will be speaking about Publishing in the 21st Century – The Campus Revolution. The keynote speech will be given by publisher David R. Godine www.godine.com

For more information on this important educational conference, please visit www.ipne.org. For questions, e-mail talktous@ipne.org. There are special conference lodging rates at the Holiday Inn Express in Waltham, MA. Make your reservation now, so you can take advantage of this block of rooms set aside for the IPNE Publishing Conference. 

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A Book with a Bonus

“A quiet mind cureth all.” ~ Robert Burton

Did you know that all books come with a bonus gift that you can give to mothers of young children? That is right! It is free and it is available with all books that sit on bookstore shelves. What is the bonus, you may ask?  Time to read it alone!

I hear so many young mothers say “they would love to be able to read, if given the time.” I can relate, I have been there and sometimes, I still feel that way.  My husband is and was a very wise man. He seemed to know when I was at wit’s end with our child and all I needed was time alone to curl up in a chair with a cup of tea and sink myself into a book.  That was when he and our son planned to do something “just for guys.”

Fathers with young children – whether you are buying your wife a cookbook, the latest hot novel or a non-fiction book on women’s spirituality, child-rearing, the Arts, home decorating, architecture, gardening or a book about independent publishing, give an additional gift, time to read it Alone! Your whole family will benefit and you will be among the Wise Men!

…..psst – maybe, just maybe, the gift will be returned in kind!

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