End of Year Reflections

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Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action ~ Peter Drucker

It’s clear that the industry of independent publishing or “non-traditional publishing” has brought compelling stories that ordinarily wouldn’t have had a chance of being published traditionally, into the marketplace.

digital publishing worldLooking back over the past years, I have read and worked with a wide variety of independent publishing clients who have produced e-books as a result of the “digital revolution.” Indeed, over the past decade there have been vast changes that have taken place in how books are published. However, one thing that has not changed is the impetus behind why people publish. Authors write to educate, inform, entertain and inspire others, whether the words are on paper or in digital format.

The Digital Book World Conference is only a few weeks away. Soon, the Book Industry Study Group will be wrapping up their research for 2013 which will reveal statistics about how e-books have fared over the past year in the marketplace. I look forward to reading the reports.

Lavar Burton will serve as host of the Digital Book World Conference. Industry leaders including Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon will be speaking and other notables in the publishing industry will hold roundtable discussions and panel discussions. Best selling e-book authors, such as Darcie Chan, who wrote an e-book called The Mill River Recluse, which was set in Vermont, will also be in attendance.

On January 13 at 5:30 pm (at the opening evening of the New York City Conference) a screening the film of Out of Print, narrated by Meryl Streep will be shown. This eye opening movie takes the viewer into a world where books-in-print are non-existent and books as we have known them are replaced by all digital publications.

To register to attend the conference, and to learn about the line-up of speakers and the schedule, please visit http://bit.ly/1lj8tGd.

As always, I look forward to keeping our readers informed on All Things Fulfilling about e-book industry developments through out the year 2014.

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Four Fulfilling Words

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“I am who I am because of the choices I made yesterday.” ~ Unknown

Four words with powerful meaning –

• I AM
• I DO

help define and fulfill our sense of self. These words took on even greater meaning when I began working in the independent publishing industry.

positiveThose simple words that have kept me on track. Every time I’ve faced a challenge, and thought  “I’m going to try to,” I’ve substituted it with one the four important self-fulfilling statements, and then taken the necessary action that is required to complete the task or challenge.

Used to be independent publishers had to go it alone, but things have changed in the publishing industry.  According to an article dated 11-11-12 in the Miami Herald, http://hrld.us/17bIrAH, Bowker (the storehouse of publishing statistics) says independent publishing “has nearly tripled, growing 287% since 2006 and 236,625 print and e-titles” were non-traditionally published in 2011 alone. Since then, the e-book industry has prospered further and print-on-demand publishing has grown also.

The stigma behind independent publishing of books, films and movies has nearly disappeared, as standards and technology for desktop publishing have improved. In this day and age, it is often difficult to distinguish between an independent and traditionally published book.

If you are considering an independent publishing project,  now there is help and support available. I am, I can, I will and I do help people understand the newest generation of publishing through the webinar On the Fast Track: The Independent Publishing  Industry http://bit.ly/10cCp1Y and through the  information provided on All Things Fulfilling. Join us regularly on this on-line site.

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Digital books: Conserving Gas and Trees

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What’s cheaper than a gallon of gas? An e-book. Save a dollar, stay home and read!”
~ Shandy L. Kurth 

At the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair, there was a lot of discussion about the e-book industry. Digital books are gaining popularity globally. In fact, according to an article in Publishers Weekly Magazine, people in India top the charts as leaders in e-book buying. Thirty nine percent of the respondents to a survey say they have bought an e-book. Other top countries of digital book buyers are the United States and the United Kingdom.With each passing year, there is healthy growth in the electronic publishing industry, indicating an increased interest in digital reading content. 

If you have ever had any doubt about whether Americans are consumed with buying books, volunteer at a donation center for a thrift shop. Three or four hours every Saturday, I help out in a donation center run by the local churches. The amount of books that come through the doors is astounding. Each week, I gain a greater understanding of the value of buying e-books.

Electronic books take up less space for one thing. For readers who read a book once and then get rid of it, the new generation of books makes more sense. Sure, the reading experience is a little different. There are no paper pages to turn or to dog-ear to mark a spot. But, the story is still the same whether we are reading it digitally, in a hardback version, paperback or listening to an audio book. 

I am grateful the books have not ended up in the landfill and I know they are very much appreciated by the people who buy them. They are resold at a minimal price – usually 50 cents up to a few dollars. Sometimes a little more if the book is a large volume or a special collectible publication. Many of the donated books are in “like new” condition. Read once, then discarded. 

If you would like to know more about this growing trend among publishers, please read this article. It is a good source of information, brought to you by Publisher’s Weekly Magazine, digitally. http://bit.ly/Trf7RF.

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The Power of Words and Images

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Art is not in some far-off place. A work of Art is the expression of a man’s whole personality, sensibility and ability.” ~ Japanese Proverb by Shinichi Suzuki

Last week I received quite a number of birthday greetings – all from people using different types of electronic communication. Some “Good Wishes” came from as far away as: 

  • Finland
  • Macedonia
  • France
  • Bangkok
  • Africa
  • Belgium 
  • Argentina

Not looking for accolades or congratulations, just trying to make a point in today’s blog posting. Other people who use social media probably get the same kind of attention from their on-line networks of people.

Many “hellos” were from individuals I have been building community with in one way or another through this blog site All Things Fulfilling or by other on-line communication. 

For some reason, people have been touched by words I have written, information I have shared or  by images I have put out there into cyberspace and it has traveled. I am not sure why people latch onto it and like it but I am delighted and humbled. 

The point is – never underestimate the power of words and images and how they can travel. Be careful and be sensitive – they may end up in places you never expected. 

What does that mean for those who publish electronically? The e-book industry is just beginning to show us the possibilities. 

For those who think that internet marketing is ineffective and a big time waster, it can be. But, learning how to use digital content effectively to reach people with like interests is important. 

I used to share my birthdays with my twin sister, but through social media, I have found others who celebrate their day of birth on the same day as we do. HAPPY  BIRTHDAY TO ALL AUGUST BIRTHDAY BABIES.

This wonderful art work is by Kagaya. Here is the website so you can see more. http://bit.ly/5YcO3f

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