Ripening Thoughts of Creative Writing

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“There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt.” ~ Andre Lord

Today, I am thinking about growth as a writer. I am betwixt and between about whether or not to sign up for a creative writing course. One minute I am resolute in my decision; the next  I am waivering.

“What’s the hesitation?” you might ask. It’s scary. What if my left brain attributes override my creative side?  Except for a lot of independent publishing education, I haven’t stepped into a classroom for many years. But, then I think of all the benefits that a creative writing course could bring me. Perhaps I’d find ways of putting together  new bouquets of words that have meaning, and I’d grow as a writer.

For now I will let thoughts of  signing-up deepen on the vine.  Just like after a long cold winter, the warmth of sunshine on my skin brings fufilling and enriched feelings. If I decide to harvest the idea of becoming a more creative writer and jump into action, I will commit and register.

I don’t know what to do. I am thinking.  “Do I really have time to fit it into my already busy schedule?”  You are thinking ” She’s procrastinating and not making a decision.”

It is the reason for this blog posting. It has been said that if you write down your intentions, thoughts are more likely to become a reality. Now that my blog readers know of my dilemma, I feel the pressure. Why, oh, why did I ever mention it?

In a few days, I will let you know what I’ve decided, in the meantime, perhaps a book on creative writing might
motivate me. Lets see what’s on the list.Creative Writing Books.

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Writers, Rev Your Engines!

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The most beautiful things are those that madness prompts and reason writes. “ ~André Gide 

If you have a spark of an idea for a book and wish to rev up your knowledge on how to go about independently publishing, the Colorado Independent Publishers Association College is the place to be.  For those who are entrenched in the independent publishing scene, everyone knows what the arrival of March means. It means the Colorado Independent Publishers Association College is coming up. The hosts of the “College” The Colorado Independent Publishers Association  is one of the largest and most active independent publishing trade associations in the United States. 

This year, CIPA’s Publishing “College” is scheduled for March 18th and 19th and CIPA does a great job of fulfilling the need for educational opportunity for beginning and experienced independent publishers. They even have a program called YAL – Young Authors League, designed to get kids inspired to write and become published at a young age. 

Exhibitors will be present at the March 19 publishing college event. Consultants on internet selling (e-commerce) and internet marketing (e-marketing) will be on hand. Other providers such as book printers, editors, cover designers, graphic designers and video book trailer specialists will be available at the CIPA College to answer questions about their products and services. There are on-going educational seminars throughout the weekend. It is a great time to network with other independent publishers to learn how they are publishing as a means for personal fulfillment and for sharing ideas, wisdom, knowledge and expertise with others.

 Check out for full details of the event or go to the Colorado Independent Publishers Association Facebook page for additional information.

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