Writers, Rev Your Engines!

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The most beautiful things are those that madness prompts and reason writes. “ ~André Gide 

If you have a spark of an idea for a book and wish to rev up your knowledge on how to go about independently publishing, the Colorado Independent Publishers Association College is the place to be.  For those who are entrenched in the independent publishing scene, everyone knows what the arrival of March means. It means the Colorado Independent Publishers Association College is coming up. The hosts of the “College” The Colorado Independent Publishers Association http://bit.ly/hFVW1A  is one of the largest and most active independent publishing trade associations in the United States. 

This year, CIPA’s Publishing “College” is scheduled for March 18th and 19th and CIPA does a great job of fulfilling the need for educational opportunity for beginning and experienced independent publishers. They even have a program called YAL – Young Authors League, designed to get kids inspired to write and become published at a young age. 

Exhibitors will be present at the March 19 publishing college event. Consultants on internet selling (e-commerce) and internet marketing (e-marketing) will be on hand. Other providers such as book printers, editors, cover designers, graphic designers and video book trailer specialists will be available at the CIPA College to answer questions about their products and services. There are on-going educational seminars throughout the weekend. It is a great time to network with other independent publishers to learn how they are publishing as a means for personal fulfillment and for sharing ideas, wisdom, knowledge and expertise with others.

 Check out http://bit.ly/hFVW1A for full details of the event or go to the Colorado Independent Publishers Association Facebook page http://on.fb.me/hZjR1T for additional information.

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A Victory for All

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In reading the lives of great men…self discipline with all of them came first.” ~ Harry S. Truman

You’ve heard it from me before. Independent publishers, it is not all about the manuscript. The most successful independent publishers have vision and a solid marketing plan for their books, prior to even beginning the writing process.

I love hearing stories of independent publishing success and the other day I got word of some very exciting news about author and past president of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, Mara Purl. Her romantic women’s fiction, the Milford-Haven Novels, have been picked up by a New York Publisher, with a plan that Mara has dreamed about. Her novels will be re-launched by Bellekeep Books, and will reach an even larger audience than before. Mid Point Trade, a major national distributor, is also involved in the deal.

Mara, whose curriculum vitae includes author, screenplay writer, actress on Days of Our Lives and script writer for The Guiding Light has always had great vision for her professional life and for her written work. She parlayed her vision for her serial novels into great success in the U.K. Her stories of the fictitious, small town, Milford-Haven, was the first American radio drama ever licensed by the BBC. It has reached an audience of 4.5 million listeners! For more information on Mara and her Milford-Haven novels, please visit www.marapurl.com and her blogsite http://bit.ly/ekghXc.

I look forward to seeing the unfolding of this story. Mara’s first novel will be re-launched in August 2011, and another publication is scheduled to hit the market every six months. There will be no down time for Mara. That is for sure!

When I hear stories like this, it is not victory for one.  It is a victory for all who have decided to take the non-traditional route to publishing and have found success.

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Weekend Indie Publisher News

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It is a big day for all the participants of the Young Authors League of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA). Today they will be premiering their new publication “Making the World a Better Place.”  The group premieres it’s book at Southlands Mall Barnes and Noble in Aurora, Colorado from 4 – 8pm today! Head on in, and support a new generation of young authors! www.cipabooks.com


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