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Have you ever written a letter to an editor of a monthly circular or a newspaper? Some people become regular contributors to magazines or “rag sheets” by writing letters to editors. This usually occurs when a publication features articles that an individual feels passionate about.
Colorado Country Life Mag cover March 2015I recently wrote a letter to the Editor of Colorado Country Life Magazine, published by the Yampa Valley Electric Association. The YVEA is “a business owned by the people it serves.” It is a not-for-profit cooperative providing energy and power resources. The YVEA lights up many parts of Colorado.

What prompted my communication to the magazine was my heartfelt thrill at seeing in their November 2014  magazine an article about “The Love of Books.” In this article they shared information about a few Colorado authors.

When an author puts their heart and soul into writing yet their books don’t land on the top seller lists sometimes getting recognition in the media beyond social media and websites can be challenging. I wanted to let the editor know how nice it was to open the magazine and learn about books that are not on NY Times best seller lists, but still very worthy of reading.

Thank you, YVEA for posting my letter to the editor in the Colorado Country Life Magazine. I do appreciate it and I hope you will continue to feature authors and books penned here in Colorado by independent publishers.

I encourage anyone who has positive thoughts about their love of books or reading, to please post your comments on All Things Fulfilling. Hearing from readers is a good thing because “we are what we think. All that we are that arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.”

Letter to editor rotated CO country life

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Explore a Future with Positive Growth

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What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Today, on All Things Fulfilling, we are going to turn our attention back to the very reason some readers return to this website time and time again.

The publishing industry is increasingly changing and we use this space to keep our readers up to date about new developments in independent publishing. Now at a time where independent publishing represents more than 50% of all publishing revenue, every day someone new decides to tell their story through the written word. No longer do you have to have an agent or a letter of acceptance from a publishing house in order to move forward with publishing a book. Anyone can be an independent publisher and sell their books, films or music through e-commerce and learn to promote it through e-marketing. For best results, however, some education is needed to learn how to become visible and effectively reach potential book buyers through the internet. 

 The Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA )is a great resource, and especially for beginning independent publishers. There are valuable downloadable webinars available that will provide you with a basic introduction to the industry and help you along the way. The webinars are affordable and will help you explore and navigate your way through the independent publishing process. To start you along the journey, take an 18 minute tour of “On the Fast Track: The Independent Publishing Industry.”  http://bit.ly/oIkV2g

Before you jump in with your publishing project, my advice would be to learn what you can through downloadable webinars, join an independent book publishers association in your State of residence and attend independent publishing conferences.

Here in Colorado, the Colorado Independent Publishers Association is at the forefront of developing a fulfilling relationship with libraries for e-book selling. Learn about this partnership, through this article http://bit.ly/dNEX6N.  

Check back with us tomorrow, and we will bring you more independent thoughts, words and views about an industry that is fulfilling the needs of many people who want to be visible through their written words.

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Communities Rediscovering Reading

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 “Literacy is at the heart of sustainable development.” ~ Kofi Annan

Recession: less disposable income. Fewer people are frequenting restaurants, bars, sporting events, malls. People are finding other ways to entertain themselves and that means rediscovering reading. The Library Research Service completed a study that determined library lending and patronage is up anywhere from 5% to 28% percent  in many Colorado communities. To read the full article, please visit http://bit.ly/ornVOf.

Here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado a brand new library facility has proven that if you provide a beautiful and welcoming community space, people will come! www.steamboatlibrary.org. It appears this trend will be reflected in other States, too. 

Yesterday, I picked up the Battenkill Business Journal www.businessvermont.com and read that the town neighboring my previous place of residence is going through the permitting process to build a new $4 library facility. That is fulfilling news to me because the town fathers have toyed around for years with what to do with an aging facility. The town of Manchester,Vermont is a gem, as is Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I personally believe that a new library facility in that town will become a valuable asset and center of community life, too. 

Readers are finding their way into libraries through portals other than walking through the  building  doors. On-line entry is becoming popular, too, as independently published e-books are starting to appear in library catalogs. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association www.cipabooks.com a whole new generation of books are available  through digital reading platforms. Checking a book out of the library means not even having to drive anymore.

To learn more about the basics of the  independent publishing industry and how people are e-publishing books to entertain, inspire, educate and inform, a short webinar is now available. http://bit.ly/pukeKE.

From my perspective, although digital publishing (e-book publishing) is quickly becoming a strong presence on the book-buying scene, good bookstores and libraries will never disappear. They are commodities that strong communities will and should continue to support. High rates of  reading literacy is important for a prosperous world and any way you can reach large populations of people, young and old, through the written word it is to the benefit of those who will inherit this earth.

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Enter my Universe

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Ok, so after yesterday’s blog, She Writes Home, I am in the doghouse!  So many of my friends, family, acquaintances and business associates e-mailed me back to say the details of what I have been doing in Colorado are too flimsy!  

  • “What have you been up to?” They inquire.
  • “We don’t hear from you enough!” They say.
  •  “We read All Things Fulfilling, but we want to hear your voice!” They demand!
  • “We still don’t understand  all of the  hullabaloo about “non-traditional” publishing that you write home about! We want to know more!” They state! 

Ok, ok, I will reveal! I do admit I have been on the fast track since I arrived in this State of Colorado and I do owe an explanation. I will  give you all a good glimpse into my world – especially for those of you who are green to independent publishing!

Who Can Attend?  Anyone around the world who is fluent in the English Language! 


When?  RIGHT NOW! 


Hope you will enter  my universe and join in on an event that will open your eyes to a new world that is changing the lives of so many people all over the globe! Come along on this  fulfilling  journey of  possibilities and entrepreneurial spirit for every individual, business person and non-profit organization, no matter where you reside.

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Change of Scenery

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Leadership is much more an art, a belief, a condition of the heart, than a set of things to do.” ~ Max Dupree 

Last night, I was busy getting ready to head out by 6 am today for the Colorado Independent Publishing Association “College.” www.cipabooks.com. I was focused on getting the vendor exhibit materials ready for what promises to be a very educational and fulfilling event. Limited by time, I made an executive decision that today, the blog will be brief.

I may be napping on the blogosphere today, but I will be prowling around talking about my passion at the CIPA publishing conference instead. I hope to see many of you independent publishers at the event. Join in on our roundtable discussion between 12:00 am – 12:30pm today. The topic will be The Basics of Selling and Marketing Books on the World-Wide Web and why e-marketing is essential to e-commerce. I look forward to networking and meeting you!

 As usual, I will also be on the hunt for valuable information to bring back to our loyal readers of All Things Fulfilling. I’ll see what I can find. Perhaps I will return with information about new book releases, independent publishing success stories, and new vendor services available to you as an independent publisher. 

Check back on Monday! Have a fulfilling weekend. I know I will. I look forward to a change in scenery!

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A Victory for All

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In reading the lives of great men…self discipline with all of them came first.” ~ Harry S. Truman

You’ve heard it from me before. Independent publishers, it is not all about the manuscript. The most successful independent publishers have vision and a solid marketing plan for their books, prior to even beginning the writing process.

I love hearing stories of independent publishing success and the other day I got word of some very exciting news about author and past president of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, Mara Purl. Her romantic women’s fiction, the Milford-Haven Novels, have been picked up by a New York Publisher, with a plan that Mara has dreamed about. Her novels will be re-launched by Bellekeep Books, and will reach an even larger audience than before. Mid Point Trade, a major national distributor, is also involved in the deal.

Mara, whose curriculum vitae includes author, screenplay writer, actress on Days of Our Lives and script writer for The Guiding Light has always had great vision for her professional life and for her written work. She parlayed her vision for her serial novels into great success in the U.K. Her stories of the fictitious, small town, Milford-Haven, was the first American radio drama ever licensed by the BBC. It has reached an audience of 4.5 million listeners! For more information on Mara and her Milford-Haven novels, please visit www.marapurl.com and her blogsite http://bit.ly/ekghXc.

I look forward to seeing the unfolding of this story. Mara’s first novel will be re-launched in August 2011, and another publication is scheduled to hit the market every six months. There will be no down time for Mara. That is for sure!

When I hear stories like this, it is not victory for one.  It is a victory for all who have decided to take the non-traditional route to publishing and have found success.

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Tall Orders to Fill


Last night, I attended the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) summer event in Denver. It was a book sale as well as a chance for vendors to share their publishing related services with the public.

I was  happy to see the turnout of young people in attendance. They were there to learn more about their passion of writing and publishing. I spoke with many of the young writers. They were articulate and most already had a vision for their books. Some even had rough drafts in hand. 

They had come to the right place! The CIPA Board of Directors is a seasoned group of professionals, well versed in every aspect of independent publishing. The proof is in their own successes. Their goals are to educate and steer others to success.

From the numbers in attendance, editors, book cover designers, author’s assistants, book coaches and fulfillment companies had better get ready! There are lots of projects coming down the pike! There will be tall orders to fill!

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(As soon as I have photos from my photographer, I will share more highlights from the CIPA event!)



When:  Thursday, August 27, 2009               6pm – 9 pm

Where: Denver, CO at the Red Lion Inn (Quebec Street location)

Sponsored By: Colorado Independent Publishers Assoc. (CIPA)

This event is open to the public. A chance for CIPA members to sell  books, ask publishing experts your questions and meet vendors promoting their services. Attend this fun social event where you can network and receive free advice. CIPA will provide the food and cash bar will be available.

For more information go to www.ColoradoIndependentPublishersAssociation.com


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