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 “Many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book.” Henry David Thoreau (1817 – 1862), Walden 

On October 4, 2011, almost a year ago, I posted a blog called Libraries Kindle the Flame. If you missed out or don’t remember it, here is the link.  I invite you to go back and read it. The gist of the blog was the number of libraries that have included e-books in their catalogs. 

A year later, the numbers have changed and show about a 9% increase. It is too bad we don’t see those kind percentages in the growth of our economy. That would be extremely encouraging; evidence that other emerging technologies are coming to the forefront.

These graphs show how the numbers stack up, side by side,  for 2011  and 2012.

Being the eternal optimist, I believe the entrepreneurs of our country can develop other technologies that will show the same kind of promise. But, some may take longer than others to come to fruition. And let’s face it, e-books didn’t arrive on the scene overnight. The momentum has been growing since 2007.

Energy, enthusiasm, vision, initiative, motivation to lead others, self-motivation and resilience is what is needed in new businesses. In other words, pioneering qualities!

The United States of America is only sixty-some days away from our next political election. Here is an article that outlines traits of good business leaders. As  Americans, it is our God-given right to vote but with that comes responsibility to know the issues, and to listen, with open minds, to both sides of the story. Then vote in good conscience. What is best for our country as we go forward? Who has the experience to lead our nation in the right direction so that the American spirit will not continue to suffer?

This time next year, I will make it a point to look in on the e-book statistics once again, to see how far the electronic book industry has traveled to bring a more sustainable way of publishing to our citizens. We need to commend and support our local libraries and  bookstores for making adjustments to the way they do business and for spreading their roots in community in different directions – it hasn’t been easy. 

 Business owners who have figured out how to adapt to the “digital age” are proving that, indeed, the traits that are outlined in the article can be found in every American who runs a successful business.

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What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Today, on All Things Fulfilling, we are going to turn our attention back to the very reason some readers return to this website time and time again.

The publishing industry is increasingly changing and we use this space to keep our readers up to date about new developments in independent publishing. Now at a time where independent publishing represents more than 50% of all publishing revenue, every day someone new decides to tell their story through the written word. No longer do you have to have an agent or a letter of acceptance from a publishing house in order to move forward with publishing a book. Anyone can be an independent publisher and sell their books, films or music through e-commerce and learn to promote it through e-marketing. For best results, however, some education is needed to learn how to become visible and effectively reach potential book buyers through the internet. 

 The Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA )is a great resource, and especially for beginning independent publishers. There are valuable downloadable webinars available that will provide you with a basic introduction to the industry and help you along the way. The webinars are affordable and will help you explore and navigate your way through the independent publishing process. To start you along the journey, take an 18 minute tour of “On the Fast Track: The Independent Publishing Industry.”

Before you jump in with your publishing project, my advice would be to learn what you can through downloadable webinars, join an independent book publishers association in your State of residence and attend independent publishing conferences.

Here in Colorado, the Colorado Independent Publishers Association is at the forefront of developing a fulfilling relationship with libraries for e-book selling. Learn about this partnership, through this article  

Check back with us tomorrow, and we will bring you more independent thoughts, words and views about an industry that is fulfilling the needs of many people who want to be visible through their written words.

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