Kindle your Aspirations and Share the Peace

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Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” ~ Sy Miller and Jill Jackson 

christmas-earth-dove-painting_1280x1024Reading these words reminds me that although I can not control others actions in this world, I can be mindful of my own. 

So, in that vain, I would like to pass along a message of gratitude to all of you who have visited this website All Things Fulfilling over the past year. Your readership and comments makes blogging worthwhile. 

I have enjoyed learning about our client’s inspiring independent publishing projects in 2012 and look forward to seeing what 2013 brings, for others, who have just begun the process. For so many around the world, having the ability to tell and publish a story that has been burning inside, just waiting to be told, has been a first step towards peace within. We are fortunate to have freedom of press freedom in our country, and the choices in publishing platforms has grown with the development of e-books.


Merry Christmas, Everyone! May you celebrate this holiday in a way that is meaning and fulfilling to you, personally.

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Growth of an Emerging Technology Industry


 “Many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book.” Henry David Thoreau (1817 – 1862), Walden 

On October 4, 2011, almost a year ago, I posted a blog called Libraries Kindle the Flame. If you missed out or don’t remember it, here is the link.  I invite you to go back and read it. The gist of the blog was the number of libraries that have included e-books in their catalogs. 

A year later, the numbers have changed and show about a 9% increase. It is too bad we don’t see those kind percentages in the growth of our economy. That would be extremely encouraging; evidence that other emerging technologies are coming to the forefront.

These graphs show how the numbers stack up, side by side,  for 2011  and 2012.

Being the eternal optimist, I believe the entrepreneurs of our country can develop other technologies that will show the same kind of promise. But, some may take longer than others to come to fruition. And let’s face it, e-books didn’t arrive on the scene overnight. The momentum has been growing since 2007.

Energy, enthusiasm, vision, initiative, motivation to lead others, self-motivation and resilience is what is needed in new businesses. In other words, pioneering qualities!

The United States of America is only sixty-some days away from our next political election. Here is an article that outlines traits of good business leaders. As  Americans, it is our God-given right to vote but with that comes responsibility to know the issues, and to listen, with open minds, to both sides of the story. Then vote in good conscience. What is best for our country as we go forward? Who has the experience to lead our nation in the right direction so that the American spirit will not continue to suffer?

This time next year, I will make it a point to look in on the e-book statistics once again, to see how far the electronic book industry has traveled to bring a more sustainable way of publishing to our citizens. We need to commend and support our local libraries and  bookstores for making adjustments to the way they do business and for spreading their roots in community in different directions – it hasn’t been easy. 

 Business owners who have figured out how to adapt to the “digital age” are proving that, indeed, the traits that are outlined in the article can be found in every American who runs a successful business.

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Read an E-Book Week

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I have seen how the foundations of the world are laid, and I have not the least doubt that it will stand a good while.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

We are smack dab in the middle of Read an e-Book Week!

More and more Americans are gaining access to the internet through WiFi. No longer tethered to desktop computers, communicating through digital devices in most communities, is possible even when we are on the go. Many people have traded in their telephone landlines for wireless phones. Smart Phones and i-phones are very handy for accessing electronic bookstore catalogs if you do not have a Kindle, a Nook or any other brand of digital reader.

If you have a hand-held device already, why not join in on Read an e-Book Week? It involves no monetary investment at all. There are plenty of e-books you can download for free or for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. A trip to the bookstore or to the library is no longer necessary to pick up a good read. You probably have what you need to locate and download a fulfilling book right in your hand!

What do you like to read? Fiction, non-fiction, mystery, chick lit, mind-body-spirit, detective stories or comic books? E-books are now available in most genres or categories of literature. Books for young readers and academic textbooks in are available in digital format, too.

Think what sustainable publishing will mean to this new generation of readers as they grow up. They are witnessing the building of a strong foundation for green publishing now.  Print on demand publishing and e-books means a reduced number of books will end up in landfills. That is a good thing!

Although Read an e-Book Week is designated from March 4 to 11th, the beauty of independent on-line bookstores is you can gain access 24/7! No locked doors at any time. Pick up a book whenever you want – the store is always be open.

It is a very exciting time for independent publishers. Do you have story to tell? Join in!

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Beyond Name Brand e-Readers

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 “The worst thing about new books is that they keep us from reading the old ones.”
John Wooden 

Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Nook and the Sony Reader are becoming household words in e-readers. However, there are other brands that are geared for specific uses and target markets, too. Don’t discount the lesser known e-readers that are available. Check all your options when searching for an e-reader, you might find one that may be better than the others at fulfilling your particular needs. 

For example, Jet Book K-12 from Ectaco, Inc. is a digital reader made specifically for schools. Standard applications include state reading lists from schools, Oxford English dictionaries as well as other language dictionaries, a handheld scanner that allows for documents to be scanned directly into the device and a scientific graphing calculator. 

There is also a recipe reader, the Demy by Key Ingredient Corp. for culinary customers who find it easier to go to a digital reader to locate recipes they are looking for rather than leafing through volumes and pages of cookbooks. This slim digital reader can hold up to 2500 recipes all on spot, in one small space atop the kitchen counter. No need to worry about splatters of food ruining pages of a cookbook, anymore. 

Looking for a digital note e-ink screen and touch screen, all in one combo.  The entourage eDGe allows users to write handwritten notes on one side and has an e-reader on the other. This dual-sided e-reader came out in 2010, and now has a downsized Pocket version as well. 

The Story HD from Iriver is called the world’s highest-resolution 6 inch e-reader. This is device supports ePub and PDF files and uses 63% more pixels for better resolution. 

One more gadget new to the market features a full color, non-reflective screen great for out-of-door reading. Mirasol’s PocketBook has a 7 inch screen and runs on Android 2.0 on a wireless network. 

Remember, if you purchase an e-reader, there are also lots of free independently published e-books on line. How do you locate free e-books? Here is a source

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Different Methods of Delivery

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Life is the sum of all your choices.” ~ Albert Camus

Book-lovers often get disturbed when they hear the word e-books. All they can envision is the disappearance of books in print. I can not see this happening in my lifetime.

Many people love digital readers. They are another instrument of delivering media – electronically.  Our choices for receiving news and entertainment has been expanded to film, music, radio, television, newpapers, magazines, audio books, books in print and e-books. As each form of media has arrived on the scene, it has not negated the need for the other. It has only provided new choices.

For instance, movies became available on-demand on televisions, and  DVD rentals stores opened up.  Netflix demonstrated movies could efficiently be distributed through the mail. Now a full range of movies are at our dispose by downloading them onto  personal computers and digital devices. It did not stop scores of people from going to the cinema each and every year! There is no substitute for the sights and sounds of the BIG SCREEN! Let’s be frank – visual effects are not nearly as stunning when viewed on a computer screen as when they are projected onto the big silver screen, where they are ideally meant to be.

People ask me whether I have a Kindle, a Sony or a Nook digital reader? I have a downloaded Kindle on my computer. I spend every working hour reading and writing on a computer.  At the end of the day I am not done reading but I want to switch gears. I like reading the news and books for pleasure on paper.

I want to clutch the book in my hands, smell the slight scent of ink or the hand cream left on the pages from where I left off.  I want to turn real paper pages. I don’t want to touch one more digital device.  It is as basic as that! In my opinion, there is not a fulfilling substitute for having a real book in hand.

If I asked you “What is your favorite way of having media delivered to you?” The reply would probably be “sometimes I like to listen to music, sometimes I like to read the paper, sometimes I  go to my computer…..It all depends on my mood.”

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Libraries Kindle the Flame


 “As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words.
~William Shakespeare

October is here! That means time to clean out the chimney of cobwebs and creosote. Don’t forget to clean out the mounds of ash in the fire
box from last year, too! Get ready for a new heating season. Colder days and nights mean cozying up to the fireplace or woodstove with lots of good books!

There are few excuses anymore for not having a good book to read. Even when winter blizzards bear down and prevent us from driving to the
library, anyone with a computer or an electronic reader can now browse e-book catalogs and find a fulfilling read.

Libraries are kindling the flame when it comes to getting library patrons to join in on the next generation of books. Not only are e-books being added to library catalogs, but libraries are igniting the interest of library patrons to try reading on digital devices. Libraries in New Jersey, Maryland and other states are now loaning e-readers along with e-books. You can now try before you buy!

The obstacle of not being able to borrow from hometown libraries while traveling has been removed. No matter how far away you are from your hometown library, using your library card to borrow books is now possible through on-line library software programs and e-book catalogs. The Library Funding and Technology Access Study indicates 67% of libraries now have e-pubs!

Looking for a best selling book? Bookmark this site. It has a list of top selling e-books and a list of free-books that are the most read in the new generation of publishing.

Surely there is a book on the list that kindles your interest! What will it be?

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