Beyond a Working Life


“Pick your passion and pursue it.” Psychologists say it’s good for emotional and mental health to have hobbies. Some people love to travel, others like stamp collecting, knitting, quilting, hunting, cooking, drawing, writing, baseball card collecting. It doesn’t much matter how you like to use your spare time, hobbies contribute to a sense of personal fulfillment .

Finding and making time for our interests is sometimes a challenge. Balance is the solution and this can be tricky for people who work long hours, are raising families and growing careers. If you can incorporate what you love to do into a business, more power to you! It is the best way to feel personally satisfied and work never feels like, well, work.

living-with-passion-and-purpose-quote-maya-angelouPeople are living longer. Nowadays people retire from one career, and then start up a small business which involves their passions. They become more personally satisfied than ever because they love what they are doing, even though they are continuing to work much later in life.

If you are at a crossroads, where you’re near retirement age, but not ready to sit in a recliner and put your feet up, here is an article from Entrepreneur Magazine that gives six tips about Turning your Passion into Profit. .

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do for a new career in your “golden years?”

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Spinning Yarns


The key to a healthy society is a thriving community of storytellers.” ~ Franco Sacchi

Yesterday our blog was about New Year’s resolutions, and the need for Americans to add PLAY MORE to their list of priorities for 2013. “Play more” means something different to everyone, depending on our own interests and hobbies.

growingbookLast fall I enrolled in a creative writing course, just for the fun of it. I enjoyed it immensely; it was enlightening. As a result of the class, I feel as if my brain has been fertilized and my garden pot of memories has sprouted and grown. I have thoughts that would be rewarding to share with others, in a way that never occurred to me before. Funny, how that has happened.

I made a decision for myself this morning.  Creative Writing II has been added to my “to do” list this winter. I have an independent publishing project I’m pondering; I wish to work through it, with the guidance of a skilled writing professor.

Finding inspiration is not always easy, but, researchers say that the more we create, our minds become more open and receptive to invention, ingenuity and artistry. I suppose this explains why “mad scientists” who come up with one great idea to patent, often go on to explore and invent other key concepts to copyright. Authors, after writing one book, often find the motivation to continue, and write a second.

 Imagination How Creativity WorksImagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer addresses how many factors in our lives  nurture creativity.Click for more info & ordering

There is an interesting review in Psychology Today magazine that both questions and validates what Lehrer says in his book. To read the article, please visit this link.

There is also a good article for writers and artists on how to stay inspired.  Many people who live long, fulfilling lives attribute satisfying lives to the fact that they never stop growing and learning. Is there something you have always wanted do but haven’t dared to? Perhaps 2013 should be the year to pursue it.

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