Changing Course and Changing Lives


“Go for the sense of inner joy and peace then, all outside things appear.”  

Over the past few weeks, I have visited several blog sites focused on Baby Boomers. The sites have held special interest for me because they were created for many of the same reasons that All Things Fulfilling was born – to participate in the birthing of new tactics in marketing and also to satisfy my desire to take a creative leap in life. 

Many baby boomer men and women have decided the time is now to pursue an interest that has been on the back burner for many years. Just last week, I made a visit to the new business of Karen D. Gilroy of Hayden,Colorado. After fulfilling her duties as a wife and mother, she went back to school and is now fully prepared to counsel others on the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit. She is helping her clients discover the joys that come with living balanced lives. Nutrition and holistic healing have been life-long interests for Karen. 

Tools for positive change, beyond mind, body and spirit counseling and therapy are available in Karen’s newly released book, published by Balboa Press. Through her book, Discovering the Healer Within, Karen shares what she has learned from mentors including Dr. Joseph Murphy, Catherine Ponder, Rhonda Byrne, John Holland, Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, Louise Hay and many others. 

The importance of exercise, the role the subconscious mind plays in “bringing about what we think about,” detoxifying the body to improve physical health, proper food combining, and the self-healing properties of the human body is all addressed in this book. Discovering the Healer Within is offered to provide insightful facts and topics to aid the reader in beginning  their journey of improved health and spirit. 

Discover the Healer Within is available in print or in e-book format. To order this book, please visit To learn more about Karen D. Gilroy’s services as a mind-body-spirit counselor and therapist, please visit

Are you a baby boomer who is ready to pursue a new direction in life? Join the National Association of Baby Boomer Women . To read more inspiring stories of women who have started down new creative paths in their lives or are rebuilding their lives after the age of 50 – Google the words Baby Boomer Blogs.

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