Sweet Magic in the Room


Books are uniquely portable magic.” ~ Stephen King 

Late Tuesday afternoon a group of people came together all for a common cause at the Bud Werner Memorial Library www.steamboatlibrary.org  in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The motivating force was an interest in learning more about this thing, called independent publishing that has been gaining momentum in recent years and is now the on the fast track! 

What fun it was to sit down with a group of like-minded people, to network and provide support for each other. I do believe She Writes Steamboat is the start of something good!

The kick off began with a personal story of how many years ago, one employment ad and one independently published book catapulted a person, on a leap of faith, into the beginnings of an industry that is just now beginning to realize it’s full and exciting potential. 

Another attendee was there to share and celebrate with members of She Writes Steamboat her independently published book that is hot off the press! More will be forthcoming in a future blog about this book. Last night, I purchased a copy, and I need time to read and digest it, so I can do it justice when I share with it with our blog readers. 

After the business of talking about the vision for this meet-up group, the magic really began to happen as we sat and exchanged questions, answers and knowledge about the industry itself. We are hoping to share more than cake in the future. The mission of this group is to provide fulfilling support to independent publishers so they will find sweet success in their independent publishing endeavors. 

If you have ever considered telling your story, sharing your educational or career knowledge, entertaining or informing others through the medium of an independently published book, film or music, the time is now! Resources are available for anyone who wants to become a published author. 

Stay tuned to this website. Real soon we will be unveiling some educational content for want-to-be publishers that will bring a better understanding to others of this fascinating and dynamic world of e-commerce and e-marketing for independent publishers. You may even decide to take a leap and begin telling your story, too!

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