Celebrate Tell a Story Day


Firelight will not let you read fine stories, but it’s warm, and you won’t see the dust on the floor.” ~ Celtic Saying 

Tomorrow, October 28th is Tell a Story Day in Scotland and in the United Kingdom. http://bit.ly/11gmg3. Telling stories verbally and through the written word can be fulfilling for both narrator and for the listener or reader!  

What a great opportunity to use creativity to tell stories orally.

  • Tell a scary story – dim the lights, illuminate the room with some candles and creep the listener right out of their seat!
  • Reminisce about your favorite family story. Use old family photos to enhance the images you paint in words.
  • Seize the moment, act silly and use your wit to tell a hilarious, goofy tale.
  • Host a murder mystery party story. Have your guests be the gumshoe in solving “who done it.”
  • Tell a Cinderella love story and dress the part! Don’t forget the handsome young prince too.
  • Do a little research on your favorite era in history. Dress in period clothing and do some play acting to recount the tale or the event. 

Do you like telling stories through writing? In the United States, the perfect opportunity to start writing your novel is coming up. November is National Novel Writing Month! Challenge yourself to write a novel in 30 days. There is a website that will give you all the details of how you can be involved and many local libraries participate with fun events all revolving around this nationwide event for authors. For more information, please visit  http://www.nanowrimo.org/

Happy Story Telling, Everyone!

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She Writes Steamboat


“We can begin by doing small things at the local level… like looking out for our neighbors. That is how change takes place …from many local actions occurring simultaneously.” ~  Grace Lee Boggs 

One of the very best ways to build business is through networking – building communities of like-minded people! This applies to building independent publishing businesses, too. Self-publishing authors, micro-presses and small presses, do not have some of the benefits and the marketing advantages of traditional publishing conglomerates at their dispose. Therefore, it is important to join independent publishing trade associations and writers guilds. Cooperative efforts can be very effective in supporting the non-traditional publisher.

What self-publishing authors, micro-presses and small presses do have, to their advantage, is the flexibility of doing business any way they see fit. Many decide to independently publish for this very reason.  Publishers who go the independent route are fulfilling a need by providing unique publications that readers are looking for. Non-traditional publishers often opt for tactics of selling and marketing their books that traditional publishers may reject. 

There is a new networking group called She Writes www.shewrites.com  being established inSteamboat Springs, Colorado. This meet-up group’s goal is to heighten awareness of independent publishing projects that creatives in Steamboat Springs and the surrounding Routt County are engaged in and to support those efforts. Anyone who is starting or is in the process of independently publishing a book, film, music or other media can attend. 

She Writes Steamboat’s first objective is to establish a time and a regular place to meet and to connect with those in the community who would like to collaborate and network with other independent-minded publishing folks. In the coming weeks, more information will be available on our first gathering. Keep your eyes open to future blog posts on All Things Fulfilling about the She Writes Steamboat Meet-up group. Excitement is in the air!

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All the Pieces in Place

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“People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they have gotten lost.” ~H. Jackson Brown

True enough, Mr. H. Jackson Brown! But it just so happens that the subject of my blog writing today, lives on a road I travel all the time and she resides in my community!  Last weekend, one of my fellow Steamboat Springs community members brought home an award and the reward for her labor of love of writing historical fiction. Author Kathleen Cunningham Guler won her third EVVY award of her writing career as an independent publisher for her book  A Land Beyond Ravens. This is the fourth and final installment of her Macsen’s Treasure Series which take place in the Dark Age of Celtic Britain!

Kathi competed against 26 other writers to win 2nd place in the fiction category. Her award comes as no surprise to me. I have followed her weekly readings of the work in progress, at our writer’s group meetings. Kathi knows how to craft a fine story with all the necessary elements. She has become an expert on the time in history about which she writes, her books are written in a voice that is appropriate to time and place, her excellence in writing consistency throughout the series keeps her audience craving for more; and her character development is to perfection.

That is not all Kathi has going for herself as an independent publisher. She knows her niche market and how to reach it, too! She has even taught herself to produce a book trailer that grabs the attention of  potential readers. To read more about the other installments of her Macsen’s Treasure Series and other awards she has won, please visit www.bardsongpress.com and her blogsite http://kathleenguler.blogspot.com.

Congratulations, Kathi! What is on the horizon for your next writing project?

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