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Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay”  ~ Sallust


Have you ever looked at a person and felt that they don’t fit their name? There is something about their appearance that does not quite jive with the moniker they are given. 

A few months ago, I started a new meet-up group in town. It is a group of folks who are networking to discuss independent publishing and their projects at hand. I’ve been a member of for some time. When it came across my desk that starting a local chapter was possible – I decided to jump on board.  “There would be advantages in joining a nationally affiliated on-line group” I thought. I decided to vary the name just a bit to She Writes Steamboat to reflect where this community of writers and independent publishers reside. 

She Writes Steamboat just met for the second time. I have discovered that the name still does not perfectly fit. At each of our meetings, we have had male authors and independent publishers who have attended and want to be a part of the group. We have welcomed them. The intent was never to leave them out. The more people – male or female – that join in on this group, the better for all! Increased number of ideas to be considered, greater collaboration of minds, more cooperative opportunities for marketing and promotion, and a well-rounded group we will be. Let’s make sure we are fulfilling the mission of the group by fostering independent publishing success for all. 

I have tweaked the name once again to make sure the moniker more accurately fits the group! Our local chapter of has been changed to:

 SHe Writes Steamboat.

There, that feels more harmonious already! 

Heck- if  the name still doesn’t fit, we can change it again. People are known to have many nicknames in their lifetime. Often that comes with people getting to know just who they are.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, August 16th at 4 pm at City Café at City Offices and Centennial Hall. Save the Date! I look forward to having a better balance of male and females at this next meet-up and this is a meeting you will not want to miss. I have an important announcement to make about an upcoming Event that will benefit everyone. 

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Making her Debut


Our aspirations are our possibilities” ~ Samuel Johnson 

Happy Flag Day, everyone! 

Next Tuesday, a week from today, the arrival of Summer will be sharing the day with another debutante in town. Her name is She Writes Steamboat. This new meet-up group has been organized to provide networking opportunity for independent writers and publishers, filmmakers and musicians. Providing support and fostering independent publishing success is the goal. 

Steamboat Springs is a good a place as any for to make an introduction. The town has a great number of women who love to read, write and create! People arrive at this gateway to Routt County for all different reasons and from a variety of places all over the country and the world. Some come seeking refuge from their extraordinary lives elsewhere and others are simply looking for a fulfilling existence in a small town community of diverse, well-educated and energetic people. 

The pathways that have led people to this resort mountain town are as varied as the people themselves. Each person seems to have a unique story of their current life or of times elsewhere. In this community there are bountiful tales to tell of women living purposeful and faithful lives. 

This is an open, friendly community, and today on this Flag Day, I will hang a banner on this website to welcome anyone who wants to learn more about the fast growing and dynamic industry of independent publishing. Women wishing to move in a positive direction to bring personal fulfillment, career advancement and increased visibility for themselves and their businesses are encouraged to attend. 

 Author Mary Kurtz will be sharing her newly published book  At Home in the Elk River Valley: Reflections on Family, Place and the West at our first She Writes Steamboat meet-up event!  Join us at the Bud Werner Library on Tuesday, June 21st at 4pm to celebrate with Mary and other members of She Writes Steamboat!

Spread the word and bring a friend!



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Safe Harbor for She Writes Steamboat


“Dwell in Possibility” ~ Emily Dickinson 

On last Friday’s blog, mention was made of Chicken and Egg Pictures, a non-profit organization supporting women independent filmmakers. The tag line of this non-profit “Incubating and Hatching All at Once” well represents what I have been feeling about She Writes Steamboat  over the past few months. I have been envisioning and growing in my mind, a meet-up group that will provide networking opportunities and support and foster independent publishing success. 

I have decided the time is NOW to hatch the group and support a group of women who have stories to tell, but are still in the incubation period and want to actively hatch and grow their desires. 

For those just starting down the road to independent publishing, beginning can be a scary thing! Women are good at supporting and communicating with each other in their efforts to succeed. What independent publishers have in common is a real and pressing need to inspire and entertain others through storytelling or to educate and inform all through the power of the written word. With independent publishing, there is no competition because everyone has an individual and unique narrative to tell. 

So my thoughts are “why not get together, meet-up and all be there for each other.” Our first She Writes Steamboat meet-up will be Tuesday, June 21 at 4:00 pm at the Bud Werner Library Hall. 

Ladies, feel free to invite others who are in any stage of publishing or those interested in learning more about the independent publishing process. At our first meeting, we will be discussing what time we should schedule our future meetings, how often we chicks should gather. We will be laying the groundwork for a group that I hope will be a safe harbor so independent publishers will not feel as if they are all alone in their publishing efforts. 

Join Us! There is nothing to lose and everything to gain in learning more about the dynamic industry of independent publishing. There are no membership fees. By the way, this group is affiliated with


         See you then!

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She Writes Steamboat


“We can begin by doing small things at the local level… like looking out for our neighbors. That is how change takes place …from many local actions occurring simultaneously.” ~  Grace Lee Boggs 

One of the very best ways to build business is through networking – building communities of like-minded people! This applies to building independent publishing businesses, too. Self-publishing authors, micro-presses and small presses, do not have some of the benefits and the marketing advantages of traditional publishing conglomerates at their dispose. Therefore, it is important to join independent publishing trade associations and writers guilds. Cooperative efforts can be very effective in supporting the non-traditional publisher.

What self-publishing authors, micro-presses and small presses do have, to their advantage, is the flexibility of doing business any way they see fit. Many decide to independently publish for this very reason.  Publishers who go the independent route are fulfilling a need by providing unique publications that readers are looking for. Non-traditional publishers often opt for tactics of selling and marketing their books that traditional publishers may reject. 

There is a new networking group called She Writes  being established inSteamboat Springs, Colorado. This meet-up group’s goal is to heighten awareness of independent publishing projects that creatives in Steamboat Springs and the surrounding Routt County are engaged in and to support those efforts. Anyone who is starting or is in the process of independently publishing a book, film, music or other media can attend. 

She Writes Steamboat’s first objective is to establish a time and a regular place to meet and to connect with those in the community who would like to collaborate and network with other independent-minded publishing folks. In the coming weeks, more information will be available on our first gathering. Keep your eyes open to future blog posts on All Things Fulfilling about the She Writes Steamboat Meet-up group. Excitement is in the air!

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Weekend Indie Publisher News


A   website has been established, specifically  for women writers.

She Writes, has joined in on the latest social networking trends. It provides a place for women to exchange ideas and support each other in every genre of writing. Approximately four thousand women writers – poets, biographers, memoirists,novelists, fiction and non-fiction writers have joined this community.

Connect with other women writers, read member’s blogs, forums and take advantage of educational opportunities through Webinars, created through She

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