A Pioneer in a Field

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Shoot for the Moon

Quote by: Norman Vincent Peale

Have you read the debut novel by Amy Brill, The Movement of Stars? I just finished it and enjoyed a book club discussion of the publication with a group of United Methodist women.

Knowing so little about astronomy, when I first began reading Brill’s novel I was concerned that I may not be able to get through the astronomical details. How wrong I was. I became quickly involved in the relationship of the two main characters whose lives intersected. They seemed to have a deep understanding of one another due to parallel themes that ran throughout their lives. Both were strangers in a strange land, each deemed by their culture to be a people who should be denied to dream and excel.

As I became involved in the narrative, I  could see how necessary the astronomical details were to the heart of the story. Brill’s writing about the planetary world was written as tightly as possible to convey the story of a well-rendered fictional personality based on a real life person, Maria Mitchell. She was a pioneer in her field, the first professional woman astronomer.

I felt the author did an admirable job of crafting an historical novel and I would argue with some reviewers who said “the central character was too staid.” After all, she was a Quaker who the author aptly portrayed with the values of her culture.

5 star

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Once in a Blue Moon


“The only thing you live to regret are the risks you didn’t take”~ Unknown

Today, I am feeling very fortunate. Since starting my company, I have had the opportunity to meet many incredible people that I would not have ordinarily met, had I not taken a risk. Among them have been extraordinarily talented artists, filmmakers, and individuals who serve their communities through the non-profit sector – all of them independent publishers. All have had similar goals – to share beauty, kindness and knowledge through their unique and creative talents.  All have been so very committed to changing our world for the better and each person is awe-inspiring in their very own way.

Tonight, as the New Year approaches, I will be taking some time to reflect on these past few years to remember some of the individuals that I have crossed paths with. Many of these individuals I have not met face to face, yet through an e-mail or a telephone conversation, they have left a mark on me. I can recall the discussions we have had about their goals and aspirations for their independent publishing companies. All have inspiring, educational or entertaining stories to tell through their books, films or music or through their commitment to a cause or a mission. All are the kinds of people you meet only once in a blue moon.

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Happy New Year 2010! May this coming year bring publishing success to each and every one of you!

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