Taking it All In

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Change is in all things sweet!” ~ Aristotle 

We are going to take a break from routine this Friday. I will be finding fulfillment  in Denver by attending the largest meet-up group in the country “Creative Connections” – a group of over 1,000 members strong! It is always a great day when communities of like-minded people can converse and network about things they have in common. 

On Saturday, I will be attending an historic event that will add a whole new dimension to the relationship between libraries and independent publishers. Jamie LaRue, Director of the Douglas County Library system in Colorado, will be signing an agreement that has been long awaited. The agreement will allow the libraries to acquire and lend e-books published by CIPA members www.cipacatalog.com without limitation, how is that? I will be listening and watching with rapt attention. It will be a day of celebration for those who have worked so creatively and diligently, together, to make this happen!  

More about Jaime LaRue – in 2007 he won the Julie J. Boucher Award for Intellectual Freedom. He is also the author of The New Inquisition: Understanding and Managing Intellectual Freedom Challenges. 

I look forward to sharing the news of the weekend with you on Monday. I believe this weekend will be the start of something really valuable for both libraries and independent publishers here in Colorado, and in time, everywhere! 

I’ll have a sip of champagne and piece of cake on behalf of all you independent publishers out there!

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Stretch Your Face!

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Friends have all things in common.” ~ Plato

 Geezum, Crow! Did I ever have my hands full on Friday! It was my birthday and I got inundated with “Happy Birthday Greetings” from  friends all over the globe!  One from Germany, several from Canada, Paris, Norway,  a few from the U.K., New Zealand, Boznia, Australia and even Macedonia, what more could I want? There were messages written by  friends from all across these United States, too!  

My point is really not to crow about my number of  friends. My point here is the value of e-marketing and social media marketing for business. You can reach communities of people, with like interests, all over the universe, through the power of the internet.  My  friends include people who through their own creativity have independent businesses. They are writers, filmmakers, painters, printmakers, independent publishers, just to start the list.  

Some are just friends, caring not that my company provides services for independent publishers, but about me. And you know what? Never underestimate the value of others when it comes to helping to spread the news over the internet! Viral communication travels far, wide and fast – through computers, cell phones, digital cameras and the like.  

In case you are not aware – business has taken on a whole new dimension through the internet! If you are an independent publisher who has not yet become comfortable with the new age of e-commerce and e-marketing, won’t you feel better to be moving ahead into something exciting, fresh and new, rather than feeling stagnant and stuck in the past? 

Even if you are some other kind of business owner, it does not matter! The principles are still the same – becoming more visible to a community of people who share the same interests as you do! What are you waiting for my friend, what are you waiting for? Low cost – far reaching is what it is all about.


 This blog brought to you by www.CornerstoneFulfillmentService.com.