Honoring Nature and Roots in Photography

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Good art is art that allows you to enter it from a variety of angles and to emerge with a variety of views. ~ Mary Schmich

dorchester center for the arts_3 The exhibit, Creatures in Motion, is like looking out at the world through the eyes of a true nature lover. The photography of Linda Roy Walls is featured at the DorchesterCenter for the Arts during the month of June 2013. Images of living things (bovine, beast and avian) in their natural environment, is  the focus of the exhibit.

It is evident by the images Walls captures, the artist believes in “living in the moment.”  Scenes of  her environment, wildlife, and all other things that catches her eye, through the lens of the camera,  provides an even more extensive photographic collection on her website.

Walls has honored what is important to her in her life through the three photo books she has published. One book, “Ode to Ed” is dedicated to her father, a war veteran, who succumbed to leukemia due to Agent Orange poisoning after three tours of duty in Vietnam. Her other photo books “Riding Waves and Herding Cats” and “The Content Canines” call attention to more of what she has found fulfilling in living on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Her travels to Ireland will be the focus of an upcoming publication.

Linda Roy Walls is also a writer for the column “Ponderings” in the Dorchester Banner and a contributing writer for other regional newspapers and magazines. Ever the artist, she is also involved in a portrait study of humble Eastern shore waterman and other locals who add flavor to the region in which her roots have been planted.

IMAG0645Stop by the DorchesterCenter for the Arts to see the photography of Linda Roy Walls, it is a limited but delightful sampling of her photographs. To see more of her images,  read her artist bio and to learn more about her art, photography and writing, please visit her website http://www.lindaroywalls.com/.

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When Art Strikes

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All emotions are pure which gather you and lift you up.” ~ Ranier Maria Rilke 

Three years ago, at Arts in the Park  in Steamboat Springs, Colorado I came across an artist whose photography really struck me. Ever since I laid eyes on his work, it has been on my mind. The visceral response that I have to his images is very intense. Finally, after visiting his exhibit booth for three summers in a row, I decided I could not be without an image from this artist. 

What in this image has such an impact on me? 

  • Reflective qualities of the water
  • Illumination of the face
  • Dramatic peaks in background
  • “Twin” cormorants communicating their special language to each other
  • The disparity between darkness and light 

I’d be interested in knowing what title the artist would attach to his image. Most painters give their paintings a name. It seems that photographers ought to do the same. The title of the work often gives the viewer reason for further contemplation and insight into the emotions of the creator. Sometimes the title of a piece of artwork becomes synonymous with an artist’s name. 

Perhaps I’ll contact the photographer to inquire if he were to name this image, what title would he give it?  But, in the meantime, I am going to name the image myself.

  “Twin  Avians Basking in All Things Fulfilling” 

Kenny Tong, www.KennyTong.com  I will enjoy your photography for many years to come. I know you can think of a better title for your stunning photographic image. Let me know if you name it, so I can write it down and substitute it for the one I’ve got.  And do return again toSteamboat Springs,Colorado!

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Sugar Plums in May? What is Up with that?


Keep steadily before you the fact that all true success depends at last upon yourself.”  ~Theodore T Hunger 

Ahh…youth….creativity….promise….energy! I love it. 

The other day I met with a young, emerging artist who wanted some guidance and coaching on this thing called “e-marketing.” Many would say he has already emerged as a talent. But, he is headed in a different direction now. Our meeting was a time to explore ideas, possibilities, objectives and different approaches for marketing his art. His goal is to become more visible and take his photography to a new level. 

We began with a little basic education. As we got further into the conversation and tossed around some ideas, he began to squirm in his chair. His movements became more animated and I could tell he had visions of “sugarplums dancing in his head!” At one point in the conversation, he grabbed his face and said “ There’s a lot to think about!” 

This young emerging artist will not fall by the wayside as wasted talent, I am quite sure of that.  He has deep passion for his art. He also knows much already about setting his sites and going for the gold!

In his teenage years, he became notable in ski magazines for his freestyle tricks and had a successful competitive career. He will parlay his knowledge of what it takes to be a stand out, into his art of photography. 

He knows  that becoming successful in any new field takes:

  • Persistence
  • Energy
  • Setting goals and reaching for them http://bit.ly/bXRnOb.
  • Coaching
  • Vision and dreams 

There is great promise in this young man’s artistic talent. He is smart, he is creative! He is seeking out the tools he needs to market himself and his art through the internet. He is going at this with heads UP!  We look forward to sharing more information on this emerging  artist. But first, this young man understands he has some work to do. Stay tuned, I think he is a star in the making!

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Second Encounters

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We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon”         ~ Konrad Adenauer

Arts in the Parks was one of the featured events this past weekend in Steamboat Springs, CO.  Judging by the attendance, I would say it was a great success. I enjoyed it all! 

I was so happy to see the return of photographer, Kenny Tong! http://www.kennytong.com/ Once again, in my opinion, his photography was a real standout! It seems to me, his images are of places in China, where no ordinary man walks. It is no wonder that his forays into the hidden paradises of China, to capture exquisite scenery, last 2-3 months each year. 

This year at Arts in the Park, I had my son Marc, a recent film student graduate by my side.  Kenny’s professional life started in the film industry. He was able to share some of his experiences with my son, and some of the reasons why he traded in his craft of filmmaking for a career in still photography, which he finds so fulfilling. 

Keep up the great work, Kenny. I was glad to see on the Events calendar of your website www.kennytong.com that you will be sharing your art with the communities of Boulder and Carbondale, Colorado over the next few weeks. 

Thanks for the well wishes to Marc, as he ponders what is ahead on the horizon for him and as he establishes his life as a filmmaker.


 Photo – Marc in Ireland.

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Find Meaning in the Journey

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“Experience is the best teacher of all.  And for that, there are no guarantees that one will become an artist. Only the journey matters.” ~ Harry Callahan

Whew! What a whirlwind of a weekend! It was satisfying, fun and intense. Just as I had anticipated! I arrived dehydrated and wanted to drink from the fountain, all the knowledge that I possibly could! The Colorado Independent Publishers “College” took care of my needs! I came parched and left sated with all the information one could possibly take in over a 48 hour period. Thank you, CIPA!

There is much to share, but I don’t quite know how or where to start. I have not even had a chance to absorb all that I ingested. You can be sure however, once I have had a chance to assimilate all the information, process it and pinpoint what I need to share, I will! I will be sharing the names and titles of the EVVY book award winners. On my list are words of wisdom from keynote speakers who took us through their travels into the publishing world. And there is useful, general publishing industry information that needs to be dispersed.

As a speaker/presenter at the CIPA College, I came away with a wonderful gift. It is a gift that will take me on many beautiful, inspiring travels into an area of Colorado referred to as South Park. It is a high country paradise near Fairplay, Colorado where author Bernie Nagy lives. For three years, Mr. Nagy captured exquisite color photographic images of the landscape, in all seasons. His book won two 2010 EVVY awards the other night, for cover design and illustration. For more information and to order this book, please visit www.ColoradoSouthParkBook.com.

I came away a winner, too! Not only did I receive an award winning, beautiful photographic book for speaking at the Conference, I had a chance to speak with independent publishers who are saying “out, out, out!” to all of the boxes and books sitting in their basements, attics and garages. I say “put them on their journey into the hands of readers.” And I know just who independent publishers can call to help them fulfill their wishes.

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In my Book – The Winner Is!


This weekend I went to Arts in the Park in Steamboat Springs, CO.  I love going to Arts and Crafts events in communities that have a real appreciation for the Arts. You never know what you are going to find.

There were artists of every medium displaying their wares – potters, painters, birdhouse builders, fiber artists, jewelers and more. Each one interesting, unique and serious about their craft. I enjoyed it all!

The artist that really inspired me the most was a photographer, pictured above, Kenny Tong. His magnificent photographs of China were anything but ordinary. He came all the way from Chino, California to share his photography with Steamboat Springs, CO.  His photography is better than a day at the Spa. The images were pure serenity and tranquility. They captured places and scenes in China that few of us have seen before in books or from other photographs of China. For more information on his art, please visit www.kennytong.com.  And by the way,  you have to see his images first hand to really appreciate what I am talking about.

Kenny, you won my prize for artist of the day! Thanks for sharing your work with Steamboat Springs, Colorado and come back again! I am glad to know your images can be ordered on-line at www.kennytong.com.  Any plans for a coffee table book with your magnificent images?

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 Enjoy the glorious summertime!