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Chase your passion, not your pension” ~ Denis Waitley 

Our library, the Bud Werner Library, keeps this community of Steamboat, Colorado entertained almost weekly with a wide variety of interesting, thought provoking and sometimes just plain fun films. Many of them are independent films that have not yet hit major theatres, but are available to designated communities before hitting PBS stations. Last Wednesday evening I attended the screening of a film that had all the ingredients of: 

    • A large portion of sweetness
    • Dreams of success
    • Shattering moments of disappointment
    • Fantastic artistic creativity
    • Concoctions of phenomenal proportions 

“The Kings of Pastry ” is a documentary film about a competition inFrance that pastry chefs in many countries would give their best pizzelle pin to win! The intense stressful three day competition culminates in the “best of the best” taking home the cake of the prestigious M.O.F. Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Award (Best Craftsman of France). 

This film is a heart stopper in so many ways, and leaves viewers on the edge of their seats. The theme will resonate with anyone who pursues a creative passion in life, whether it is through culinary arts or not. To watch a trailer of this film or to order this film, please visit

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How to Cook a Good Book

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March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection. March on, and fear not the thorns or the sharp stones on life’s path.” ~ Kahlil Gibran 

It is mid-March and the other day we adjusted our clocks ahead giving us more daylight. Along with spring comes an urge to begin to eat a little differently. Our diet of satisfying  hearty stews, soups and chili is gradually replaced with lighter fare. The clothing we wear has less bulk, too. Before I transition my diet from winter to spring, I am going to offer one last fulfilling, robust recipe that many independent publishers have been working on perfecting all winter long – “How to Cook a Good Book.” 

Step 1

Test the water first – make sure you have a hot and a unique idea.

Begin to stew on a pre-publication marketing plan.

Fill the pot with energy, insight, creativity and stick-to-itiveness.

  • Include the necessary base ingredients– a central theme, strong character development, story line that supports the theme, engaging plot, and cohesive writing.
  • Incorporate varied vocabulary with shades of meaning to support the base.
  • Make adjustments to the recipe – edit ingredients that provide no flavor.
  • Add more seasoning, if needed, to make a more fulfilling concoction.
  • Let it cook and stir, cook and stir some more.
  • Send your creation off to some taste testers.
  • Satisfied that the  ingredients are complete?
  • Add a “read hot” title and packaging to match. 

Step 2

  • Consider branding the idea.
  • Place it for sale on-line and in other pre-determined markets.  
  • Ramp up all marketing efforts.
  • Promote yourself as the chef.
  • Advertise and promote the finished product.
  • Saturate the market.
  • Share “dribs and drabs” of the finished product with others.
  • If you need help with smokin’  “soup d’jour” e-marketing tactics – seek help!  

Way to go! You have cooked your book and now you can add “published author” to your Curriculum Vitae. What other recipes can you follow to make your life more fulfilling?

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Smell a Blog


All glory comes from daring to begin.” ~ Unknown

The day of independence is almost upon us! In honor of this holiday, one of the things I have decided that I am going to do is to strike out, be bold, and add more herbs to my diet. Today, I thought I would cook up a batch of flavorful gazpacho soup in readiness for the holiday weekend.

I will begin with tomatoes, not common beefsteak tomatoes, but some juicy, ripe off the vine, heirloom tomatoes! May as well start out right and stew them up! Now comes the good part – I’ll add some of those herbs that the Indians used to keep their bodies in tune with nature and helped them maintain proper balance. Into the pot will go:

  • Basil for a little Love
  • Chives to make myself more Useful
  • Parsley for some Merriment on this 4th of July
  • Thyme – why not? I said I was going to become more independent minded and daring in my cooking!
  • Rosemary – to help me Remember the loved ones
  • Chervil – to add Serenity, and just because!
  • Garlic – I don’t think so! That won’t make me any friends!

Umm – Smells good! Can you smell it? Of course you can’t, silly me! Until some entrepreneurial soul decides to spice up the blogging world by adding smell a blog as a new feature, you won’t be able to! Rest assured, that entrepreneurial soul will not be me! I am too busy trying to make my life more fulfilling! How about you?

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