Fulfilling Services and Needs

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Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”  – William Arthur Ward 

The holiday season is in full swing, the signs are there – decorations, holiday fairs, parties, an appointment book that has become ragged and torn. A sure sign it is time to ring out the old and bring in the new. Increased activity of UPS, Fed Ex and other delivery trucks on the highways and byways, indeed indicates Christmas is near. 

On this blog site, we often recognize the work of artists and crafts persons working in a variety of mediums – writers, poets, painters, sculptors, filmmakers, potters, musicians and more. But there is another important form of art that we tend to forget – the art of serving others. 

 If you have ever worked in a service industry, or lived in a resort area, you become acutely aware of those who serve. These folks carry an extra burden at this time of year. In light of that fact, I would like to pause today to recognize people in all sectors of the service industry. They deserve our gratitude! 

  • Heartfelt thanks to nurses, doctors, hospice workers, and all medical staff.
  • Oodles of praise for mail carriers and delivery persons
  • Obliged to those who wait tables, to housekeepers, concierge and valets, too.
  • Respect for chefs, plumbers, electricians, builders, excavators and more.
  • Rewards for military servicemen and women who have ever kept us safe – well deserved
  • Abundance of kudos for repair shops, retail employees, gas station attendants, grocers.
  • Yule Tide Greetings to those service people I have missed such as the clergy. Many of you, because you serve, may miss holiday celebrations with families or friends. We greatly appreciate that you are fulfilling a need for the work  that you do. We desperately need people like you!

 Don’t forget to give a token of thanks to those who serve. Let them know that you appreciate what they do, over the holidays and each and every day of the year, too!

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An Art Filled Trip

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Inspiration comes of working every day.” ~ Charles Baudelaire

I had a most delightful plane trip yesterday returning to Steamboat Springs, Colorado from the East Coast. For two hours of it, my head was stuck between the catalog pages of The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store. Reading the captions of the products in this catalog is like an abbreviated course in art history. For instance, I learned:

  • Vera Neumann’s designs (American Artist1907-1933) became symbolic of American enterprise and optimism in the Truman era.
  • Arthur George “Art” Smith (1917-1982) created his craft at the center of Greenwich Village where he led a bohemian life and
    became known as one of the most creative jewelry designers of the time.
  • It was  common practice for the Greeks in the Hellenistic times, to bury the wealthy with their most valuable jewelry of gold, precious medals and stones.
  • Jefferson R Burdick (American 1900-1963) began at the age of 10 procuring one of  country’s most valuable collections of American paper ephemera, which  included paper dolls, souvenir cards, greeting and playing cards.

The Metropolitan Museum Art Store works closely with art historians to bring products to consumers that are artfully crafted in the
design of the finest master artists from around the world. Gifts include jewelry, cards, art books, Christmas ornaments, calendars sculpture, scarves and art activity sets to engage children in creating art.

Now is the time to begin thinking about Christmas buying for your circle of art friends or family. The catalog can be ordered by calling 1-800-662-3397. Mail order and on-line ordering is available. For more information, visit http://store.metmuseum.org/.

My trip to the East Coast included visiting arts scenes and artists working in many mediums. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing more information on writers, potters, and towns that I encountered along the way. It was a very fulfilling trip. Good to be away and good to be back!

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