Interweavings of Faith

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I am sensitive to the value of faith and religion and spirituality in people’s lives because I’m a journalist.”  ~ Peter Jennings

Last weekend, I attended my third annual United Methodist Women’s (UMW) Retreat. It was a great deal of fun! As in the past years, what made the experience so rich and rewarding was the broad mix of women in many stages of life. There were mothers with younger children, women with college-aged children, empty nesters, grandmothers and retirees. Everyone contributed valuably to the conversations regarding their own spirituality and the paths in life they have traveled to arrive at their thoughts. 

We took several topics throughout the day and broke into random small groups to discuss our feelings and opinions of how the subject matter related to our own lives. Lo and behold, several of those gathered in my group are interested in independently publishing their beautiful and fulfilling stories of their walk with faith.  

Of course, a discussion ensued about how in this day and age anyone can publish and sell their independent stories through e-commerce and e-marketing (selling and marketing publications on the world-wide-web).  

By the end of the day-long retreat, we had all found friendship and fellowship with many women we had never known before. The common threads of places we have traveled, experiences we have had and the spiritual beliefs we share, are often the ties that bind. 

Thank you to all who made the day a great success. The location in Steamboat had an awe inspiring landscape. I enjoyed the art and music, ate a lot of good food and gained a better understanding of what this thing called “yoga” is all about too!

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It’s about sharing. You just give what you have to give where ever you go and let God handle the rest.” ~ Lindsay Wagner 

We have been in celebration mode around here at Cornerstone Fulfillment Service, LLC. It is time to once again recognize and praise the independent publishing efforts of another of our clients, Mitzi Rudderow of Dallas, Texas!

Mitzi’s book “Coming Clean: Drug Addiction – Help and Hope” was written with the primary goal of helping other parents deal with the subject of teen drug abuse in their homes. This book is written from a very personal point of view, and the reader can feel Mitzi’s heartache as you travel through a story that is all too familiar in today’s world of raising teenagers. 

 Mitzi’s reflections on the mistakes she made in dealing with her son’s addiction and the spiritual tools she shares in this book is what has set it apart from many other books on drug and alcohol abuse. The critics have presented this book with an Honorable Mention Award in the 2011 Eric Hoffer Awards for independent publications in the Legacy Non-Fiction category. To read the US Review of Books on “Coming Clean: Drug Addiction Help and Hope, please visit

Mitzi has had a career in radio broadcasting, and she has made it her mission to speak with other parents about this topic of drug addiction and teens. She so eloquently communicates her truth to parents everywhere she goes. 

What began as a personal mission to tell a difficult story, has ended in great results. Mitzi’s son, whom you get to know in this tale, has come clean and is living a productive and happy life. For Mitzi, a book award has made the telling of this story even more fulfilling.

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