Building Partnerships for Community

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We are not lacking in the dynamic forces needed to create the future. We live immersed in a sea of energy beyond all comprehension.” ~ Thomas Berry, The Great Work 

For those who follow this blog site regularly, you know that I have been curious for some time as to “What Do Men Really like to Write About?”  Weekly, I try to get some insight into this nagging question when I sit in on the Steamboat Writers Group.

At the beginning of the summer, a new community meet-up group for independent publishers called She Writes Steamboat was introduced. After two consecutive monthly meetings, we concluded that She Writes Steamboat does not fit the description of the group. There are men who want to be involved, too! We’ve changed the name to SHe Writes Steamboat so we will be fulfilling the needs of both genders for independent publishing support.  

On September 9th, SHe Writes Steamboat   will be hosting their first major event. The President of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, Dr. C. Daniel Miller will be arriving in town. The purpose of this blog today, is to make it clear that SHe Writes Steamboat welcomes anyone who has ever even thought “I Could Write a Book about That!” to attend. In fact, artists, illustrators, independent filmmakers and musicians are also welcomed too. 

Join us one month from today, at the Bud Werner Library  on September 9th beginning at 9:30 am. Find out more about the wonderful support that the Colorado Independent Publishers Association has available through their organization and the e-book partnership they are building with libraries. Stay for the afternoon CIPA College offerings to learn about various options in publishing and the costs involved in independent publishing. Please pre-register by going to

Building a strong affiliation with the Colorado Independent Publishers Association would be a great asset to our entire community of creatives throughoutRouttCounty. Join in!

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Wanted: Historical Fiction about Male Writers

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The thing that’s between us is fascination, and the fascination resides in our being alike.” ~ Marguerite Duras

Last week, I blogged about how fulfilling it has been to learn more about some of the most prominent painters and composers through the medium of historical art fiction. I mentioned that, in my opinion, historical art fiction written for teens and children could be an effective way reach  the younger generation about culture and art. 

Several times over the past year, in my blog writing, I have attempted with some results, to bring men out from hiding by asking “What Do Men like to Write About?”  I really want to know! Can anyone tell me if there any good reads on the market in the genre of historical fiction about prominent male writers of the past? Perhaps if I go about my quest indirectly, the answer will become even more apparent to my question “What do Men like to Write About?” 

Sometimes by going in the backdoor, we can find out a lot about more about people than by going head-strong in first. Writers and business people, male and female, make sure you know how to use today’s newfangled e-marketing for reaching your customers, readers or clients. With a little coaching, you could reach communities that you had never thought of before and, very well, get results.

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